Hire Me or Work with Codelapp.fr !

Hire Me or Work with Codelapp.fr !

Currently available for a contract:

  • In Paris, France
  • Anywhere remotely

Les Compagnons de l'App

I'm the founder of "Les Compagnons de l'App", codelapp.fr, which is an app studio gathering very experimented and talented builders.
If you have a big app project, we got you covered: https://codelapp.fr.


I am an experienced (15+ years) French software developer, Microsoft MVP.


During all those years, I faced a wide variety of challenges and endorsed many roles:

  • Antivirus Analyst
  • SOA Architect (Micro-Services)
  • Database Administrator
  • Winforms Developer
  • WPF Developer
  • Software Architect
  • Mobile Apps Developer


What I like to work on:

Creation of Mobile Apps

You have an idea of app?
You want to go native?
You want a new version of your existing app?

I would love to help you create a full mobile app.
Who cares about the technical stack used? You want an app that works on Android and iOS, an elegant one, a performant one?
Let's make it happen!
With the use of cross-platform native technology (like Xamarin.Forms or Flutter), and thanks to my experience, I can take care of all the implementation.
You don't need a mobile app agency with a team of 5 developers, a product owner, a scrum master and a chief happiness officer.
Just work with me :)


Bootstrap of a new mobile/.Net project

You already have a team of .Net developers, but you want to start on the right foot?
I can come to your company and create the architecture of the app or solution.
Then teach your developers all I know about the pitfalls of software architecture (composition vs inheritance, cache invalidation, crash proof apps, ...).
I have a double expert experience on mobile applications and .net backend (.Net Core, micro-services, nosql databases, sql server, ...), but also on devops (vs app center, team city, scripting, ...).

Hard stuff

You are stuck with an issue with your .Net backend?
Bad performances with your infrastructure?
Crashing mobile app?
Poor performance with your app?
Your tooling is driving you mad?
I'm interested :)

Remote or local, part or full-time

Part-time or full-time, it is fine by me, as long as the project is exciting.

I can work remotely.

Ou je peux me déplacer à Paris et en banlieue proche en toute éco-responsabilité (domicile place de Clichy).

Me and my deputy


Think about it. You want to create a mobile app, you will need:

  • 1x android dev
  • 1x ios dev
  • 1x designer for each screen
  • a part time project manager

Well, for a fraction of this cost, you will have me, with a way better productivity (15+ years of xp, cross-platform native dev, incredible social skills, awesome professionalism, very nice eyebrows).

Some self-marketing bragging

As you know now, I'm just a freelance, it's great, but it also means I don't have a business guy bragging about how professional and competent I am.
It means I have to do it myself, which is weird but important to let you know more about my expertise.

Github and Open Source packages

My github stats

I am the only maintainer of several Github repositories (picture as of the 26th of January 2021).

github repos

From those repositories, I share for now 8 nuget packages:

sharpnado's packages


Sharpnado has been launched early september 2018.

Sharpnado stats


If you want to know more about my past experiences, please visit my linkedin profile.


You can send me an email to jm@sharpnado.com.
Send me a DM on twitter to https://twitter.com/Piskariov.
Start a conversation on linkedin with https://www.linkedin.com/in/alfonsi/.